Beaverton City Treasurer, Jodie Klamer
128 Saginaw Street
P.O. Box 477
Beaverton, MI 48612
(989) 435-3511 ext. 2

Calhoun Campground

City Newsletter

Downtown Development Authority (DDA)

  • For DDA information, meeting dates, and meeting minutes, please visit DDA

  • The Department of Public Works Maintain all City properties. For a list of responsibilities, visit the DPW page at Public Works

Farmer’s Market

Online Bill Pay

Parks and Pavilions (Ross Lake & Leo Ross Parks)

Property Taxes, Personal and Real

Water and Sewer

  • For more information and details regarding your bill, go to

  • For the latest water quality report submitted to the State, also visit /page/water-sewer-trash

  • Contact us for any sewer or water-related issues at (989) 435-3511 ext. 2

  • Also, If you are watering your lawn, filling your pool/spa, or experience a water break in your home, please contact us to discuss an adjustment on the sewer end of your bill.

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