These rocks, totally ROCK!

A new trend has swept through Gladwin County. If you look closely you can find these little guys hiding. People are painting rocks and hiding them all around town. These small creative outlets have inspired numerous social media groups. In these groups you can find your own inspiration and lots of smiling faces. When a rock is found you can do one of four things: leave it, keep it, replace it, or re-hide it. Always remember to snap a picture of all your cool finds to share with others. Here at City Hall we've had our fair share of cool rock finds. Pictured is a local Beaverton student who is having lots of fun with these rocks. She has even come across one of her own painted rocks that has been moved to a new spot! Have you found any awesome treasures like these on your trips around town? Let us know in the comments, we'd love to hear from you!

Big thanks to Lacy Woodruff and her daughter Bryar for sharing these fun pictures!Ā 


  1. Lacy - Reply

    Love our little town! There is always something new and fun to keep our community involved with one another. Thanks for the article, ROCK’in in Beaverton has been a blast šŸ™‚

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