The City of Beaverton supplies drinking water to all of the citizens and businesses within the City Limits.  Beaverton also supplies water to two of our local Plastics Manufacturing Companies outside the City in Beaverton Township as well as the Fire Hall.  The primary source of drinking water is ground water that is pumped into an overhead storage tank, ie, Water Tower.

The City of Beaverton Infrastructure also includes a City Sewer System.  The City maintains a Wastewater Treatment Facility where wastewater is spray irrigated onto the land for disposal.

The costs associated with the operation, maintenance, and upgrades of the Water and Wastewater Utilities is billed to the consumer bi-monthly.  The City Treasurer oversees the utility billing.  The City of Beaverton utilizes High-Tech radio read water meter reading system.

The Department of Public Works staff maintain the Water and Wastewater Utilities, Streets, Campground, Parks, Buildings, Vehicles, Hydro-Electric Dam Facility, and Snow Removal.